Past Stories


Brand new book from Makiko Tada

Makiko Tada finally published her most recent book on kumihimo for disk and plate.  The first of the two volumes introduced the disk and the plate and presented a variety of projects intended to familiarize people with these two devices.  In that book she also introduced the idea of making spirals using the plate. Now, the new book takes the… Read More



In the last few years three great books have been published in the US and Europe on active yarns: Anne Field – “Collapse Weave: Creating three-dimensional cloth” Ann Richards – “Weaving textiles that shape themselves” Lotte Dalgaad – “Magical Materials to weave: Blending traditional and innovative yarns” Anyone interested in fabrics that move should have all three in their library… Read More



Polyester.  I know, I know anyone of my generation who hears this word immediately conjures images of leisure suits and those “fab” pant suits our moms wore in the 70’s. But do not fret.  Polyester has changed tremendously since then.  Because it is a manmade fiber, it can be made do to all sorts of interesting things and can be… Read More


Textured Yarns Explored

Over the last couple of years in Italy I have seen lots and lots of textures and fabrics with character.  The look epitomized by the classic Chanel jacket seems to be the rage.  So, I have been importing many textured yarns with the intent of playing with them and see what can be done.  Well, all the best intentions have… Read More


Italian Yarn Sourcing

Recently went to Italy to meet with suppliers. I fell in love incredible polyester yarns. We are no longer talking about leisure suit polyester here! It is actually pretty exciting to see what the mills are doing with this manmade material. … Read More