Woven metal mesh

This is pretty exciting.  I just got in a shipment of woven metal mesh in copper, and in stainless steel.  I have had stainless steel mesh before, but this is from a different supplier and it is much more pliable.  They both feel like cloth!

They were both woven to my specification with 48 gauge (.03mm) wire.  I have played before with mesh to create organic jewelry.  But I have had a very difficult time in the past to find a copper mesh  that would be as fine and soft as this one:  the more pliable and soft a mesh is, the easier it is to work with it.  Also, the range of techniques that can be utilized to manipulate the mesh increase as the material is more pliable.

Both materials can be used as is, or colored using heat, resin, or other methods.  The copper in particular, because it is made of non-coated wire, can be enameled.  I know that the steel is conductive, but I have not tested the copper.  This means that the mesh can be effectively used in high tech textiles in conjunction with LED elements.


Above is an old experiment I did with some copper mesh I had available.  It was made from much thicker wire and I found it more challenging to work with that the new material will be.  I first corrugated a strip of the mesh.  I then played with it to find an appealing shape.  I then colored using epoxy.  I thought the final result was interesting, but not necessarily what I wanted to achieve.  The original ideas was to make it look like fabric.  But the material did not lend itself to that illusion.  I really think the new mesh will work much better.

Aside from crimping and coloring the mesh, it is possible to fold it or pleated it — cool possibilities could be origami and Victorian ribbon flowers.  It can also be stitched making it an overlay or possibly integrating it into felting.  It can be jewelry, part of a garment, embellishment, or a sculptural material.  The possibilities are truly endless.