Brand new book from Makiko Tada

Makiko Tada finally published her most recent book on kumihimo for disk and plate.  The first of the two volumes introduced the disk and the plate and presented a variety of projects intended to familiarize people with these two devices.  In that book she also introduced the idea of making spirals using the plate.

Now, the new book takes the spirals to a new level.  While using round and square spirals, Makiko introduces the idea of color blocking.  This is my term to indicate that colors remain in a constant position — for instance one always on the right and the other always on the left.  She also introduces spirals with pointed edges and with picot edges.

The beautiful illustrations that precede the instructions present many examples of wonderful and very creative jewelry.  But, once the techniques presented here are understood, the applications can be beyond jewelry — as surface embellishments for instance.



This book is really cool and it is available on this website in the BOOKS section.