Italian Yarn Sourcing

Recently went to Italy to meet with suppliers.  I fell in love incredible polyester yarns.  We are no longer talking about leisure suit polyester here!  It is actually pretty exciting to see what the mills are doing with this manmade material.  I chose several interesting ones: from Metal Verbena – which has gold color randomly painted over the yarn – to Metal Fox – “blinding” neon colors – to Cordonetto and Onde’ Cervo – think textures here (insert link to page).

In looking at Metal Verbena I was reminded of some of the beautiful lame’ fabrics from high-end designers.  In addition, the fact that the gold color is painted randomly over the yarn will give a fabric an interesting ombre’ effect.  In order to achieve that, however, the yarn must be your sole weft.

You probably wonder what would possess me to buy bright neon colors.  Well, I was looking at samples again, and became intrigued by samples where this yarn was interspersed in the warp or weft or both along a fine black yarn.  I suspect you can control how garish the fabric will be by the amount and placement of Metal Fox (and whether you are going to one or multiple colors…).  Be brave! Experiment with it and you may be surprised by how awesome the results will be.

Of course do not forget that polyester can be heat set: with heat, polyester shrinks and will give you permanent textures.  But remember, heat does not mean washing machine heat.  That is not enough.  Some time back, I bought a vintage pressure cooker on eBay, and that is what I use to steam my polyester.  Very high temperature will yield more dramatic results.  I am planning to set aside some time to play with these yarns.  Maybe I will be finally able to get back to my loom soon……