Variegated Silk Two Colors 4

Variegated Silk Two Colors Series


Variegated silk comes in a range of color combinations and only in 2.8m length. This silk is packaged by the Japanese suppliers in packets of either 4 ropes of 4 bundles each (16 tama) or 6 ropes of four bundles each (24 tama). The bundles in the 16-tama packets contain 40 ends; the bundles in the 24-tama packets contain 35 ends. Some of the silk is dyed with a large number of related colors in very short color ways and can easily be combined with the solid colors silk. Others are dyed only in two colors, or have half of the rope in one color and then different colors on the other half of each bundle. Each bundle contains approx. 40 individual ends.

2.8 meters, One rope of 4 bundles.

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