Company History

I have always been interested in fiber as a creative medium, and my creative work has been focused on the tactile and organic nature of fiber and related materials.  The work I have done during the years has been pushing the boundaries of the expected definition of body adornment and 3D objects.  This has often been accomplished by actively involving the user through the concept of “transformation” – the idea of actively engaging the user with shaping and transforming the art piece.  Thus making the user part of the creative process.

Throughout this exploration I became interested in materials that would allow me to push the boundaries of texture and three-dimensionality.  This search took me first to wire and then other materials such as active yarns and plastics. Giovanna Imperia Designs was established in Houston in 2008 as a small offshoot of my textile design work – a place where other textile artists could find the unusual materials I have been using.  

Over time, the business has grown in large part because of my interest in finding more uncommon materials.  Most of the finds available on this site are imported from Italy where we have established relationships with local mills focused on design innovation.

Our studio is located in Houston at 208 Emerson street -- in the historical neighborhood of Westmoreland. The studio is a two story historical carriage house that has been converted into our creative space.  The studio is behind our 100 years old home.  This is not a retail store and we do not keep retail hours.  However, customers are welcome to come by and shop or just visit when we are there.  So, call or email ahead of time to set up an appointment.

We are closed during all major US holidays


Address: 208 Emerson, Houston, TX 77006, USA Phone: 832.455.4269 Contact Us